Vox Political on Daily Heil’s Latest Ad Hominem Attack on Miliband

Mike over at Vox Political has posted this piece, Has ‘Red Ed’ Become ‘Red Hot Ed’ Now? in response to the Daily Mail’s article trying to present the Labour leader as some kind of sinister Don Juan, or callous Lothario preying on women’s affections. The article begins

Things have come to a pretty pass when this qualifies as news.

It seems the Conservative Party’s campaign strategy has come grinding to a halt, based as it was on claiming that Ed Miliband cannot run the UK.

First we were told he’s weird-looking, especially when eating a bacon sandwich – but it turns out the people of this country aren’t all that bothered, as long as he can do the job.

Then we were told that he couldn’t do the job – but by then the Labour Party was already publishing one policy proposal after another which showed that he emphatically could.

Finally we were told that he’s not a nice man; he stabbed his brother in the back to get the Labour leadership (we’ve been hearing that since 2010 and it hasn’t become any truer in all that time) and he has had (gasp) a love life!

Mike suggests that the real reason the Mail has decided to go after Ed personally is because for the first time, Cameron’s approval rating has dipped below Miliband’s.

That’s right. The British public have decided that they believe the better man for the job is the geeky nerdish bloke, who eats a bacon sandwich weirdly, rather than the true-blue, titled aristo. No wonder the Mail published this latest story. It probably made Lord Rothermere choke on his champagne and lobster thermidor last night.

Mike’s also produced this handy meme showing the real differences in policy between Ed and Cameron. If you care about rising poverty and don’t want to see the health service sold off, then Miliband is very much the man to vote for.

Cameron stands for more poverty, the selling off of the NHS, and the restoration of the feudal order with his fellow aristos at the top. Including Lord Rothermere. Which is why the paper likes him, and is so appalled at the thought of Miliband getting into No. 10.

Miliband Cameron Meme

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2 Responses to “Vox Political on Daily Heil’s Latest Ad Hominem Attack on Miliband”

  1. Chris Says:

    Mr Miloiband indeed cannot rule the UK parliament in 2015.

    Labour got only around 250 MPs in 2010.

    326 MPs are needed to rule the UK parliament.

    190 MPs will be all that is left of Labour in 2015,
    once the SNP and Plaid Cymru – true anti austerity parties for their own Celts peoples – win in Scotland and Wales this year.

    The Tories can legally remain in power in a Caretaker Government from this hung parliament rule, with their 300 MPs they gained in 2010.

    But SNP win reduces 11 Lib Dems and 1 Tory in Scotland.

    Plaid Cymru win reduces about 8 Tories and 3 Lib Dems in Wales.

    No big cheese.


    But if you vote for the parties of the poor of the left
    in Tory and Lib Dem MP voting areas in England,
    you get over 100 MPs and that much reduced Tories and Lib Dems.

    And with Labour’s even reduced votes.

    400 MPs in a strong majority UK parliament
    made up of a group of parties proven to be anti austerity by deeds not just words, again and again.

    – TUSC
    (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
    134 MP candidates
    10000 council candidates

    CLASS WAR – about a dozen MP candidates

    SOCIALIST GB – 10 MP candidates

    THE LEFT UNITY PARTY – 10 MP candidates

    MEBYON KERNOW – all 6 voting areas in Cornwall



  2. A6er Says:

    Reblogged this on Britain Isn't Eating.

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