UKIP Vice Chairman Bristol Is Pornstar

More weirdness and sleaze from the Kippers in Bristol. Their vice chairman, John Langley, is in the Mirror and the local paper, the Bristol Post. It seems that the ‘vice’ section of his job title is particularly appropriate. He’s a porn star, plying his sordid trade under the monicker ‘Johnny Rockard’, and has been running his own company making porn films for eight years. Last January he stood for the local elections in Brislington East, where he came second with 886 votes. He is now standing as their candidate for Stockwood in the local elections there, hoping to unseat the Tories Jay Jethwa.

One of Bristol’s two universities, the University of the West of England, threatened him with legal action last January after he made a 23 minute dirty movie on campus. This featured him walking around the university asking female students for sex, until one of them, ‘Xzena’, agreed.

The mind boggles at the thought of this porn baron trying to represent the good people of Stockwood. It’s a quiet, residential suburb in the south of Bristol, just across the Wells Road from my little bit of Bristol. I’m not trying to make the people out to be paragons of virtue, but as areas go, it’s hardly Babylon.

Langley claims that the Kippers haven’t mentioned or objected to his line of work. This suggests to me not so much that the party is entirely comfortable with a porn baron in their midst, but that they’re desperate. After all, if you’re a party trying to present yourselves as a reasonable, creditable choice as democratic representatives, you tend to choose respectable candidates. People’s, whose integrity appears genuine and who can be trusted. This tends to rule out automatically the grubby denizens of the sex industry.

It looks to me that Langley has been selected simply because the Kippers in Bristol don’t have anyone else more suitable.

Not that this is necessarily an either/or issue. It could also be that the party is also full of raging perverts, like the numerous paedophiles in the BNP and other parties of the far right. At least of those on the blatant Nazi fringe owns a sex shop in London selling the date rape drug, Rohypnol.

There is far more serious side to this, however, beyond being astonished at how weird and sordid the Kippers are. Langley’s antics at UWE are seedy and pernicious. There has been a rise in the number of students working in the sex industry, from stripping to prostitution, in order to pay tuition fees.

The University was quite right to be outraged at Langley shooting his grubby little epic on campus, and the danger he presented of drawing girls and women into the sordid and exploitative world of the sex industry.

I found this meme against him on the SlatUKIP site. I’ve got a feeling it comes from EDL News. The image is taken from one of the newspaper article’s on him, and does show something of the grim content of his videos.

UKIP Porn Star

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