Letter from 140 doctors: NHS “withering away” under Cameron government

Tom Pride here reproduces the text of the letter and the signatures from the doctors attacking the Coalition’s policies that are destroying the NHS. They provide the statistics on just how desperate a condition the health service is in, noting the numbers of surgeries, hospitals and clinics that have closed, the cuts to ambulance services, and the expansion of waiting time.

They also reveal the true figures that aren’t reported in the stats, such as the number of people waiting for treatment that isn’t included in the official stats. This is new, but it shouldn’t be a surprise: the Tories are past masters at fiddling the statistics.

And through all this the doctors make it clear that the destruction of the NHS is a deliberate policy by the Coalition to expand the role of the private market in the NHS, and eventually its privatisation. They advise the public to use their vote wisely, which is a veiled way of saying ‘don’t vote Tory’.

Among the signatories, I recognised the name of Dr Phil Hammond. Not only is Hammond a regular face on television talking about health issues, but he is a long-time campaigner to preserve the NHS. He began his career on the stage and broadcasting as one half of a double act, ‘Struck Off and Die’, formed to attack the NHS reforms of Major and Blair.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today)

Here’s the full letter signed by 140 doctors on the destruction of the NHS over the last 5 years under the Cameron/Clegg government:

After five years of a government which pledged to protect the NHS, this election campaign makes it timely to assess its stewardship, since 2010, of England’s most precious institution. Our verdict, as doctors working in and for the NHS, is that history will judge that this administration’s record is characterised by broken promises, reductions in necessary funding, and destructive legislation, which leaves health services weaker, more fragmented, and less able to perform their vital role than at any time in the NHS’s history.

In short, the coalition has failed to keep its NHS pledges.

The 2012 Health and Social Care Act is already leading to the rapid and unwanted expansion of the role of commercial companies in the NHS. Lansley’s Act is…

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