Russell Brand Deconstructs the Sun’s ‘Day in the Life of David Cameron’

This is an edition of Russell Brand’s The Trews, his youtube broadcasts where he discusses the pressing issues of the moment. In this one he takes apart a video the Sun made, which tried to give its readers a sympathetic look at what Cameron’s working day is actually like. Brand states clearly that it could only have been the Sun that made this video, as the newspaper is the only other thing in Britain which has the same amount of hatred and malevolence towards the country and its people that the Tories have.

Brand goes below the chummy tone to expose just how manipulative and artificial the Sun’s video is, and how deeply malevolent the Tories are towards the poor. He notes the stiffness in Cameron’s manner, which shows that rather than acting naturally, he is self-consciously trying to look as if he’s acting naturally. Brand points out that Cameron has no idea how ordinary people really behave because of his class and education.

Among his other remarks on the Suns’ video, Brand talks about the way the Tories are funded by off-shore bankers, the way the government is actively closing down businesses, and that their policies are forcing 900,000 people to use food banks. He also comments on the way the Tories stand for deregulation and inflated energy prices. Here’s the video:

I don’t share Brand’s anarchism and his belief in not voting. But this is a good demolition of this propaganda effort by the Sun. And the comments Brand made about it are also relevant to the Tories’ party political broadcast made earlier this week.

If you missed it, this showed children playing in the park, going up and down stairs at home, and generally doing what kids do. Every now and then, the action would stop and a voice and text would announce the Tories’ election promises. As the video went on, the kids were revealed to be Cameron’s own, and he, they, and his wife were shown sitting round the dining room table. It was a carefully constructed image, showing Cameron as a secure and caring paterfamilias. A family man, standing for sound family values and the country’s prosperity. What could be more wholesomely bourgeois than that?

Now I support the family as a human institution. And I wish there were more happy and secure families. But that isn’t always the case. Marriages and committed relationships fall apart for any number of reasons. And it should be needless to say that despite the scare stories of rampant promiscuity, not every single parent is a feckless tart. One of the most serious dangers to secure family life is poverty, lack of opportunity and the desperation these engender. All of which have increased under the Tories. Where they didn’t exist before, they have been manufactured. The whole point has been to create a desperate, precarious workforce, who will take any job, nobody how exploitative and derisory the pay and conditions are.

Private Eye published cited the government’s own statistics this week that 40,000 families are homeless in Bed and Breadkfast accommodation. John Void in particularly has repeated blogged about homelessness, and how many children don’t have a permanent roof over their head. The number of single people, who are homeless is much higher, with the true numbers of the ‘hidden homeless’ staying with friends and relatives about 263,000. And Brand states that 900,000 people have been forced to use food banks.

With this level of poverty in the country, the Tories’ bland depiction of themselves as the party of bourgeois home-owning prosperity is grossly insulting.

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2 Responses to “Russell Brand Deconstructs the Sun’s ‘Day in the Life of David Cameron’”

  1. Chris Says:

    Russell Brand says not to vote, which means by not voting, all those not voting, vote for Cameron.

    Russell Brand could give media attention to the parties of the poor on the left, to bring new MPs into the UK parliament, that have proven by deeds and not just words are anti austerity, welfare and pension reform.

    The poor are now about 75 per cent of the people and vastly outnumber all other voters.

    The Poor could easily vote out a sitting Tory and Lib Dem MPs all over the UK.

    There is no such thing as a small party in among the parties of the poor, because this is not about voting, but about putting a pencil cross in a box so that you get food for all, your kids, your granny/grandad and yourself.

    This is the vote or starve election.

    Only the small parties can bring about a group of parties to reach the threshold of at least 323-326 MPs and above to form a majority government.

    A single party cannot win. Two parties cannot rule.

    A herd of multi party coalition, in a support and confidence, is how Europe has succeeded in bringing a government into power with a group of parties.

    This is how SYRIZA won. This is how PODEMOS will win.

    Russell Brand is invited to look at my little website, endeavouring to thwart the coming dictatorship from the most severe hung parliament, that will fail and need a second general election, when we get a TORY / LABOUR COALITION, and no parties left on the opposition benches.

    Because the poor could change everything by voting different on Thursday 7 May.


  2. A6er Says:

    Reblogged this on Britain Isn't Eating.

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