The Tory Party is not the party of business – it’s the party of BIG business

Tom Pride here reveals the real, corporatist nature of the Tory party. The Tories have promoted themselves as the party of business since the Liberals sank into relative electoral impotence, and the Tories found that they wouldn’t get many votes simply as the party of the aristocracy and the Anglican Church. Hence they took over 19th century Liberalism’s mantle as the party of free trade businessmen. More specifically, Maggie Thatcher’s electoral appeal was partly based on the claim that she came from a small business background. And so Tory campaigning spawned a generation of Arkwrights, all spouting about how the Tories were good for ‘the s-s-small businessman’. Many people also have dreams of running their own business, and she played on that. And the Tories are still playing on it. Hence all the stuff under Maggie about encouraging people to go self-employed, and the same kind of forcible ‘encouragement’ in IDS sanctions system.

This is the reality, however. The Tories don’t represent the small or medium sized businessman or woman. They represent the giant corporations and the multinationals, which are driving the little people out of business. They always have been. There’s a scandal now about big businesses driving their smaller suppliers to the wall by not paying them on time. There was the same scandal thirty years ago under John Major. The policy hasn’t changed, only some of the names at the top of the companies doing it.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Tory Party!)

Small and medium-sized businesses account for 99.9% of private sector activity in the UK and provide 60% of private sector jobs.

In fact, 96% of private sector activity in the UK is accounted for by micro-companies – those which employ less than 9 people.

Small and medium-sized companies are not able to employ clever accountancy firms to help them avoid or evade taxes, as large corporations do, and the truth is that small and medium-sized business owners have been suffering the cruelties of Tory austerity just like everyone else in the UK.

But Tory Party donors are mostly hedge fund managers, multi-millionaire tax exiles and executives of large corporations – not small and medium-sized business owners who don’t have any spare cash to hand over to any political party.

And here’s the real reason a group of multimillionaire directors of large companies wrote a letter to the…

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