It Had To Happen. Soon You Could Face An In-Work Benefit Sanction … For Going To Work

I think Mr Void has blogged on this before, but it’s a good one, and needs repeating. IDS in his ‘wisdom’ has decided that the millions claiming in-work benefits are also a drag on society, and so should be encouraged to get better paid work through sanctions. Johnny Void here points out that this presents the low paid employee with a stark choice of losing benefits, or their jobs, if their employer catches them looking for alternative work elsewhere. He is also does the maths to show just how hard it would be to survive on the minimum wage, let alone present a good image at interviews.

IDS has long ago stopped living in anything but his own fantasy world, where well-paid jobs are just there for the taking and workers and the unemployed have only themselves to blame for their poverty. It’s time he was voted out on May 7th.

the void

ids-anyonecanlivePart-time workers could face a benefit sanction for going to work under draconian new rules which force claimants of in-work benefits to constantly look for more, or better paid work.

When Universal Credit is fully introduced (stop laughing) Jobcentres will have the powers to dictate how many hours a claimant should be working to remain eligible for what are now called Tax Credits and Housing Benefit.  Those without children, who do not have a health condition, will be required to spend up to 35 hours a week either working or taking part in work related activity such as looking for additional work or even attending workfare.  Failure to comply will result in a sanction.

The implications are chilling.  Under the new rules part-time workers will have to attend a job interview with just 48 hours notice  or their benefits will be stopped.  This is likely to mean someone required to…

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