They Are Coming For Our Pensions … And This Is How It Begins

Johnny Void here reports on the plans, presented by a former banker, for forcing the elderly to return to work. Mr Void presents the statistics actually showing that only a very few pensioners actually want to return to full-time work, while only about a quarter are interested in finding part-time work.

This isn’t about tapping into the elderly’s particular skills, or showing that senior citizens are still productive members of society. It’s simply about cutting down on pensions. The right has been arguing since the 1990s that the falling birth rate means that there are too few young people to support ‘generous’ pensions for the elderly. Hence the elderly must have their pensions cut.

They also realise that this is political suicide, and so are trying desperately to hide what they are intending to do. Iain Duncan Smith has been on TV this Sunday denying that they have plans to cut anywhere particularly yet, while simultaneously saying they need to make more cuts. And so this piece of research comes along, talking about encouraging old people to take up work voluntarily. Just as so many of the government’s workfare schemes are also supposed to be voluntary.

the void

work-till-you-dieUnpaid work experience and apprenticeships for pensioners could soon be on the way as a report released earlier this month lays the groundwork for an attack on pensions.

The report, entitled A New Vision For Older Workers, was produced by Dr Ros Altmann, a former banker who is occassionally on television.  To anyone who has followed the ongoing destruction of an adequate benefits system for sick and disabled people it is chillingly familiar.

“Encouraging and enabling those who want to work longer is an idea whose time has come” the report declares before trotting out the exact same assumptions that were used to justify the introduction of vicious assessments – and eventually forced training, job search and workfare – for sick and disabled claimants.  Older people want to work according to the report, and of course, work is good for your health.  It then goes on to make dire…

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