Labour announce tough clampdown on unemployed Lib Dem MPs after election

This is one attack on state support for the intentionally idle I could support. I like the idea of Clegg, Danny Alexander and the rest of the Lib Dem Tory enablers being sent to stack shelves in Poundland for food vouchers. In fact, I think they should have been made to do it long before they took office, just to get an idea of ‘how the other half lives’. Unfortunately, it probably won’t happen – they’ll doubtless walk into jobs as company directors or senior management the moment they leave office. But it’s a great idea, nonetheless.

Pride's Purge


A massive crackdown on workshy Liberal Democrat politicians – who under the present government have been used to living a life of luxury doing nothing at all at taxpayer’s expense – will be a central part of Labour’s election manifesto.

The tough new rules are designed to curb the something-for-nothing culture which experts say has become endemic amongst Liberal Democrats over the past 5 years.

Soon to be unemployed Liberal Democrat MPs will be stripped of their state benefits – including an end to tax-payer-funded chauffeur-driven ministerial cars and massive ministerial expense accounts – when huge numbers of them are made redundant after the next election, according to sources close to Labour leader Ed Miliband.

A spokesperson for Labour said they would also be shortly announcing a manifesto pledge to introduce a new US-style ‘work for the dole’ scheme for workshy Liberal Democrats such as Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander – who will be…

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