Current Benefit Sanctions Policy Is Bonkers Says Workfare Industry’s Top Spokesperson

The sanctions system is now so corrupt and unviable that even Kirsty McHugh, the chief executive of the workfare companies’ trade association, has condemned them. Johnny Void points out that their attack isn’t based on conscience so much as self-interest. Starving, anxious and deprived people don’t perform well in interviews, and so won’t get jobs. And if they don’t get jobs, the workfare companies don’t get paid. Plus the fact that their condemnation of sanctions seems to be based on the fact that as yet, it’s not them that are doing the sanctioning. They still believe sanctions work, but don’t like the way their applied and the fact that it’s the state, not them, which has the power to do so.

the void

sanction-sabs3Aspects of Iain Duncan Smith’s brutal benefit sanctioning regime are bonkers  according to an astonishing diatribe from the workfare industry’s top spokesperson Kirsty McHugh, Chief Executive of the  Employment Related Services Association (ERSA).

ERSA are the trade body established to lie on behalf of the welfare-to-work companies like A4e and G4S who hold lucrative contracts to run workfare and forced training schemes.  In a frank statement on their website McHugh says that the use of sanctions is based on sending political messages rather than evidence of what works and that a more humane system is needed.

According to McHugh, current rules which mean welfare-to-work companies have no choice but to refer people for a benefit sanction for not carrying ‘mandated activity’  are ‘bonkers’ and that this causes inappropriate sanctions to be applied.  She also backs the recent call for an urgent review of the sanctions regime made by the Work…

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