Twitter user posts picture of racist attacker on Twitter – and gets trolled

This shows the twisted, vicious mindset of some of the creatures skulking on Twitter. Although Mr Singh is the victim of racial abuse, the Nazi trolls are targeting him for victimisation. There really are some nasty, subhuman bullies out there in cyberspace, with a complete inversion of moral values.

As for the insult itself, it’s unfortunately almost stereotypical. According to the anti-racist organisations, Sikhs were the first people to find themselves attacked and racially abused after 9/11. They were targeted because they wear turbans, just like Osama bin Laden. And despite the fact that they’re a totally different religion and ethnic group. Still, makes no difference to the kind of racist goons we see here, who obviously just want a Black or brown face they can abuse.

The racists are vile, but their bullying and assaults led to a public awareness campaign by the Sikh community to reassure everyone else that they’re not a danger to anyone. It shows a young Sikh man and woman smiling at the viewer, with the slogan ‘Don’t Freak – We’re Sikh!’ It’s a great poster and an excellent response to needless fear and prejudice.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

A Twitter user tweeted a photograph of a racist attacking him in his car:

racist attack

But Pritpal Singh – who was targeted because he is a Sikh – managed to stop the attack by taking out his phone and taking a picture of his racist attacker:

racist attack2

However, Pritpal then started finding himself being trolled on Twitter – by people who objected to the idea of publicly naming and shaming racists.

In my opinion, if someone doesn’t want to be named and shamed for a racist attack – don’t racist attack anyone.

It’s not rocket science.


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