Vox Political on British Elderly Mugging Cameron

Yesterday I reblogged a piece by Tom Pride about the heckling Cameron got when he attempted to address Age UK. Mike over at Vox Political has posted a rather fuller description of the events. Mr Pride’s talent is in using his sharp wit to satirise the pompous, vain and cruel. In so doing, he pokes fun and generates laughter from some extremely serious issues, which in themselves aren’t funny at all. Like the government’s continuing campaign to grind and starve the ordinary working people of this country into abject prostration, without even giving the merest qualms about the lives they destroy on the way.

In the case of Mike’s piece, it’s clear that the senior citizens’ own comments and their colossal lack of respect for the Prime Minister were also sheer comedy gold themselves. Mike’s article begins

Late last night (Tuesday), this writer was surprised to read a tweet from arch-Tory Andrew Neil, asking, “Does anybody feel that wheels are falling off Tory campaign?”

Perhaps Mr Neil had seen David Cameron’s performance at an Age UK meeting yesterday, where pensioners – widely believed to be the Conservative Party’s most loyal and likely supporters – did everything but climb onto the stage and physically rip the comedy prime minister apart.

If they are representative of all the UK’s senior citizens, then yes – not only have the wheels fallen off Cameron’s cart but the horse has bolted.

Arriving late, Cameron explained himself by saying he had just taken his 175th cabinet meeting. This display of pride at his longevity in-post impressed nobody – let’s face it, the man was facing a crowd whose defining feature is longevity. Perhaps Cameron himself was impressed by his (non-)achievement. If so, one has to wonder why; one of his first acts as prime minister was to fix the length of the current Parliament.

It was at the questions that he really fell to pieces. The first was about his diabolical treatment of the National Health Service – on which many elderly people must rely, of course. Why was it falling apart? Cameron’s claim that there was an army of carers, plus more doctors* and nurses, was met with a succinct reply from several areas: “Rubbish!”

“The NHS needs more money,” shouted a member of the audience, while another shouted: “You promised free prescriptions… we want the NHS how it used to be.”

And from there, it seems that the situation got worse.

Mike’s article’s entitled Pensioners knock the wheels off Cameron’s wagon. It’s at http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2015/03/25/pensioners-knock-the-wheels-off-camerons-wagon/. Go there and see how it’s a mistake for any politico to take the elderly for granted.

Reading some of the heckles, which come as replies to the statements and rhetorical questions Cameron threw out as part of his spiel reminded me of a second rate comedian vainly trying to hold his own against an audience fresh from tasting stage blood on the compere and cast of the Rocky Horror Show. As Mike once said to one of the hosts of that spectacle of debauchery when it played in Bristol many years ago, ‘Put it this way, you have your lines and the audience have theirs, and sometimes theirs is better.’

Cameron’s meeting with the oldies should have ended with the long, time-hallowed cry of ‘What does this play lack?’ ‘Meaning.

Just don’t turn up the next time he does his one-man act with the water pistol and toast. He’ll have you arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

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