LET’S OCCUPY THE MEDIA BILLIONAIRES, #OccupyRupertMurdoch, @the Mini-Shard, London, 23rd-29th March

I’m definitely a bit late covering this one, as the protests are supposed to have begun yesterday, when the group aimed at delivering an arrest warrant for Murdoch at the Mini-Shard in London. The article goes on to say that they’re going to be putting the Dirty Digger on trial on Saturday, along with calls for mass action against the Sun newspaper. On Sunday the group aims to concentrate on producing genuine, democratic, alternative media.

Murdoch and the other media barons have had this coming for a very long time now. Recent biographies of the American-Australian billionaire have pointed out that he has always had a core of extreme Right-wing policies – the privatisation of nationalised industries, cuts to welfare benefits, and the selling off of the NHS. In an article in Lobster 69, Garrick Alder has also produced evidence suggesting that Murdoch got his entre into the American press through acting as Reagan’s mouthpiece during the Iran-Contra affair. That was when the Repugs gave the Contras in Nicaragua free rein to import cocaine into America, while in return the CIA gave them guns to fight the Sandinistas. If you’re poor, on a sink estate with no jobs, plagued by coke addiction, and worried about health care, you can partly blame Murdoch.

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Occupy The Media Billionaires is an autonomous working group of Occupy Democracy, itself a working group of Occupy London, the principle UK hub of the international Occupy movement.

OS GODFATHER 30-1-15Occupy The Media Billionaires also spawned The Occupied Sun, (and your somewhat unimaginatively named, barely pseudonymous Editor in Chief, ANN NARKEH).

The Occupied Sun rampaged through January, producing a front page every day.

From March 23rd -29th, the group will be occupying Rupert Murdoch’s headquarters, @the mini shard London.


Murdoch is the prime example of how the UK’s media has corrupted our democratic structures.

As long as the press is controlled by billionaires like Murdoch, we can’t even begin to have a sensible conversation about democracy.

Join the facebook event page here, to keep up to date with the latest developments.

Join Occupy The Media Billionaires working group here, to get involved with the plotting and…

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