Kippers Tell Welsh To Speak English at Meetings in Wales

According to EDL News, Oberleutnantsturmgangkipperfuhrer Paul Nuttall told hecklers at a meeting in Porthmadog that they should speak English at UKIP meetings. The two hecklers, including language campaigner Dr Simon Brooks, were angry that there were no translation facilities, literature in Welsh or opportunities to ask questions in Welsh at the meeting. Brooks stated that as most people in the town spoke Welsh, it was a disgrace not to have information and material available in Welsh.

Nuttall replied that most people in Wales spoke English. ‘If people want to come here, they should speak English’.

There are certainly parts of the principality where they speak English, and in which the people themselves see no need to provide material in Welsh. However, there are also areas which are extremely proud of their language and do make the point of speaking it. And usually at meetings like this, even if one is not able to speak the local language, an attempt to say a few words goes a long way.

For example, yesterday’s edition of Bargain Hunt, the popular BBC antiques programme, also came from the Land of Comrades, and the contestants were Welsh-speaking. So the host got them to teach her the phrase for ‘Welcome to Wales’. And there were odd moments when the contestants spoke Welsh to some of the traders in an attempt to get the price down. It was all good natured, and added a piece of local variety to the programme.

Nuttall’s comments, and the lack of any gesture in the direction of providing Welsh-speaking material in a Welsh-speaking area will be seen as yet more evidence of Mr Jonathan Stanley complained about the Scots party: that it used the language of English nationalism.

And in Wales, as in Scotland, that’s guaranteed to lose votes.

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4 Responses to “Kippers Tell Welsh To Speak English at Meetings in Wales”

  1. jaypot2012 Says:

    After growing up and living in Liverpool for 32 years, the whole of my family. (Mum, Dad, Sisters and their partners, Brother and his partner, plus all the kids), moved to Wales, albeit the majority of English speaking Welsh. We all lived in or around Prestatyn but all the kids went to Welsh speaking schools so that they could learn the language. Now, all the children of those first lot of kids all go to Welsh speaking schools and nurseries plus they have a larger set of friends of both languages.
    I’m proud to say that we joined in with the country that we adopted. I now live in Scotland and try to speak some of the different words that they use for all kinds of things, and, as I did in Wales voting for Plaid Cymru, I vote for SNP for Scotland.

    • beastrabban Says:

      I’m sure your friends and neighbours in Scotland respect you for it, just as I’m sure they did when you and your family lived in Wales. Mind you, the Celtic languages aren’t the easiest to learn. Quite apart from the fact that some of the sounds of the language are different, like the ‘ll’ sound in Welsh, and the difference between ‘dd’ and ‘th’, there’s the mutations, where some sounds change according to certain fixed rules. Not that that excuses Nuttall and the Kippers not making the effort to say something in Welsh.

      As for Scots, I always understood it was so different from standard English, that some linguists argued that it should be considered a language in its own right. Billy Kay takes that line in his book, ‘Scots: The Mither Tongue’. It’s supposedly more different to standard English, than Ukrainian is to Russian. Or so I understood.

  2. Paul Nuttall, Lacking In Hwyl, Declines To Translate #ukip Into Welsh … #GE2015 | John D Turner Says:

    […] Kippers Tell Welsh To Speak English at Meetings in Wales […]

  3. patricknelson750 Says:

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