Vox Political on Afzal Amin and the EDL March against the Megamosque

Mike over at Vox Political adds a few more details to the scandal about the Tory MP, Afzal Amin, and his connections with the EDL. According to the Mail on Sunday, Amin was hoping to use the EDL to boost his own electoral success by bizarrely posing as an anti-racist. In his piece Conspiracy claim will drive voters away from the Tories , Mike reports that

According to the Mail on Sunday, Mr Amin encouraged the English Defence League (EDL) to announce a march against a new “mega-mosque”. The paper said he planned for the march to be scrapped so he could take credit for defusing the situation.

Mr Amin denies the claims, but the Conservative Party has stated that it is a matter of serious concern and has suspended him as a candidate.

Like Broxtowe, the seat- Dudley North – is another Tory marginal, though Mike reports that it probably won’t be for long. Voters will see this as yet more evidence that sleaze is coming back into Cameron’s party. Especially coming after Cameron won’t release the new honours list, in case even more Tories are revealed to have been crooks.

Mike’s article is at http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2015/03/22/conspiracy-claim-will-drive-voters-away-from-the-tories/.

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