Tory candidate suspended for plotting with far-right group the EDL

The Tories have a long history of overlapping membership and support for the far right. The NF complained in the 1980s, after they were shown the door at one event hosted by the Libertarian Freedom Association that the Tories had the attitude that they agreed with everything they said; they just didn’t want to be seen with them in public.

And from looking at the ‘Hope Not Hate’ pages it does seem that Patrick Nelson is right in his comment. The EDL claim, like UKIP, to be a ‘non-racist, non-sectarian party’, who just want to protect all of Britain’s peoples from an aggressive and predatory Islam. Nevertheless, their rank-and-file membership seems to be the usual Nazi thugs and bootboys. They’ve learned that racism qua racism, simply isn’t acceptable to most Brits. And so they’re trying to exploit the international situation and the tensions that have existed between some strands of British Islam and the rest of society since the Satanic Verses affair, to build some kind of genuinely popular racist party. And if they win with the Muslims, then Pastor Neimoller’s poem about the Nazis will come true. They will come after the Communists, the Socialists, the trade unionists, Blacks, Asians and just about everyone, who doesn’t fit with their proposed Nazi utopia.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

Rising star of the Conservative Party Afzal Amin has been suspended as a Tory parliamentary candidate after it was revealed he had promised far-right group the English Defence League to be their ‘unshakeable ally’ and bring their views into the mainstream if he won election to Parliament:

Afzal Amin suspended by Conservatives in Dudley North

When he was selected as the Tory candidate, Amin said he was embarking on a career in politics “in order to contribute to the collective national effort to improve education opportunities, social cohesion and integration”.

Can’t see how cooperating with a bunch of far-right thugs like the EDL is contributing  to social cohesion and integration.

Can you?


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