Cameron government refuses Howard League permission to visit private prisons

This is another example of Cameron’s government refusing access to its critics, because it fears public outcry at the results. Johnny Void has blogged about the way the DWP has similarly refused to release the names of the firms participating in the workfare programme. There government blatantly admits that it will not do so, because public pressure will force those companies to withdraw and the scheme collapse.

It’s clear they fear exactly the same here, and have the same lack of shame in almost admitting it outright.

Bobchewie in his comment mentions the US, where private prisons and the judges in their pay get paid according to how many prisoners they have. This is exactly right. It’s covered in Michael Moore’s documentary, ‘Capitalism: A Love Story’. That includes the cases of troubled teenagers, who were guilty only of minor offences, if that, who were sent to adult prisons. Why? The judge overseeing their case was on the payroll of the local private prison corporation.

That’s the real, grim face of the private, for-profit prison system, brought to the UK by Cameron.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

Well, this is as shocking as it looks.

The Howard League for Penal Reform has famously been campaigning for the improvement of criminal justice policy in the UK for over 140 years.

But now the Cameron/Clegg government has effectively banned the charity from visiting privatised prisons Birmingham and Oakwood, which are now run by G4S:

g4s prison

The author of the shocking letter – Ian Blakeman – was appointed head of the National Offender Management Service by the Cameron/Clegg government because of his enthusiastic support for the coalition’s policy of privatising prisons.

And Blakeman makes it clear in his letter to Francis Crook – the CEO of the Howard League – that it is her criticisms of privatised prisons which is the reason for the ban.

To be clear, it was G4S itself which invited the Howard League to visit their prisons, and they have made it clear they are still willing to allow the…

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