UKIP and Corruption: The Party of Repeat Offenders

This is another fine piece of anti-UKIP material from the Hope Not Hate site, The Real UKIP. It’s a reminder that the current scandal over Janice Atkinson and her attempt to fiddle her expenses is certainly not, by any stretch of the imagination, an isolated incident.

Kipper Repeat Offenders

To paraphrase the titles of TV’s Porridge, ‘UKIP are a recidivist criminal, who treat arrest as an occupational hazard. I have no choice but to sentence you to five years.’

Unfortunately, Farage and his army have none of the Cockney wit, dignity or fundamental human decency of Norman Stanley Fletcher. One cannot, for example, see them ever being friends with the Black Scots character, played so memorably by Tony Osoba.

But on the other hand, we wouldn’t be sorry to see them all do a bit of time in the slammer.

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5 Responses to “UKIP and Corruption: The Party of Repeat Offenders”

  1. Samuel Hooper Says:

    “But on the other hand, we wouldn’t be sorry to see them all do a bit of time in the slammer.” – Bit much, wanting to imprison people for holding different political views, isn’t it?

    I would also point out that UKIP by no means have a monopoly among the political parties when it comes to racists and fraudsters in their midst.

    • beastrabban Says:

      No, the Kippers don’t. But they do have a far greater proportion that most of the mainstream parties. As for imprisoning people for their political beliefs, yes, I was being facetious. On the other hand, considering the deaths that have resulted from IDS’ welfare reforms, and which would result from the Kippers’ policies, I think some of the politicians involved would be guilty of culpable homicide under the meaning of the act.

      • Samuel Hooper Says:

        Fair play on the humour. The unfortunate thing about policy making is that almost every government decision will be the difference between life or death for someone at the margins. I’m interested as to which UKIP policies you think would result in deaths?

  2. truthaholics Says:

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  3. patricknelson750 Says:

    If UKIP does well in May and we end up with a UKIP-Tory coalition – the result could be a supercharged Tory monstrosity that could cause all sorts of problems for this country.

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