Treasury to unveil new 12-sided Vince Cable to replace old two-faced one

More satire from Mr Pride, pointing out the hypocrisy and treachery of the LIb Dems, and particularly Vince Cable. Cable has been promoted as some kind of cuddly, fluffy Liberal. He has been anything but, supporting the government’s vicious attack on the poor. And in a previous career, he was the economist for one of the petrol companies bleeding Nigeria of everything they could get, and fouling the Niger delta.

And as for truthfulness, one of the ways you can tell if someone is lying is if they blink rapidly. I’ve noticed that whenever Cable is asked difficult questions, he blinks so rapidly its like he’s got something big and very uncomfortable in his eye. And this certainly does not exclude the times he’s been asked about whether the rest of his party knew about Cyril Smith and his brutalisation of young boys.

Pride's Purge


A new 12-sided Vince Cable will be unveiled ahead of the budget today by the Treasury to replace the famously two-faced one now in circulation.

Described as a “giant leap into the future” the new Mr Cable will replace the current Secretary of State for Business who the Treasury says has been too easy to fake.

The present Mr Cable is thought to have an estimated total of more than 45m counterfeit opinions in circulation.

A Treasury spokesman said:

After 4 years’ loyal service the time is now right to retire the current Business Secretary and replace Mr Cable with an even more two-faced one.

Unlike its predecessor, the new Business Secretary – who will be roughly as thick as the existing one – will contain an array of technological advances making it much more difficult for him to fake his opinions.


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