Surprising polls show British public considerably more left-wing than main parties

This is very encouraging, as it shows that the British public do not support the Neo-Lib consensus that has held sway ever since Thatcher became gauleiter of Grossbritannien. I doubt, however, that it will make much impression, as since Bliar, all the parties have been keen to show themselves as the servants of corporate interests, and particularly those of one Rupert Murdoch, than as tribunes of the people. Labour under Miliband is moving away from Neo-Liberalism, and hopefully this should provide further encouragement in this direction.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

Polling shows the British public is considerably more left-wing than most of our mainstream parties.

Most people in the UK would renationalise the railways, postal delivery, gas, electricity and water utilities and a large majority of the British public want to see hospitals, schools, roads and prisons remain under state control:

polling by YouGov polling by YouGov

And large majorities of the public would like to see the government control the prices of things such as gas, electricity, bus fares and even rents charged by private landlords.

The only sector in which the public (very slightly) supports private ownership is banks.

Which is pretty ironic considering the UK taxpayer has already had to fork out £1.162 trillion to the banks at the peak of the banking bail-outs – or a staggering 31% of GDP.

No wonder we’ve all had to tighten our belts, sell off our hospitals and suffer austerity.

Helping out…

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