Council House Building At Record Low In Midst Of Housing Crisis

Johnny Void here gives the stats showing that not only is the number of council houses being built at an appallingly low level, but so is the number of homes generally. He also points out that for many people, the high level at which the rents and mortgages from affordable homes are set make them anything but. Most shocking of all is the fact that many of these also include workfare in their terms and conditions. He points out that this situation has been manufactured purely for the benefit of private landlords.

The article also reports the news about a planned March for the Homeless on 15th of next month in a number of British cities, including London, Ireland and elsewhere in the world.

the void

LA-completions It doesn’t have to be like this. Graph from Shelter showing the collapse of council housing in the UK.

The number of council houses made available for social rent in England fell to its lowest figure yet in 2013/14 and was outstripped by the number sold off through the Right To Buy scheme.

Just 10,920 new homes with genuinely affordable rents were created during the last year, whilst 11,261 were purchased through Right To Buy according to figures from the DCLG.  This is the first time more houses were sold through the scheme than were built since 2005/06.  It is the lowest ever recorded number of new council houses and has fallen from 38,950 in 2010/11.

In addition 19,740 laughably called affordable homes were created, with rents usually set at 80% of the local private sector market – meaning they could run to hundreds of pounds a week in some…

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