Vox Political Calls on DWP Staff to Oppose IDS’ Persecution of the Poor and Sick

Mike posted this piece, DWP employees: Do the right thing – because Iain Duncan Smith never will, calling on DWP staff to obey the dictates of their conscience and start collecting information on the sheer viciousness and brutal determination to destroy the very lives of those the benefits system was set up to support by their master. It begins

The effect of Iain Duncan Smith’s ‘welfare reforms’ should, by now, be plain for all to see: Increased poverty – including child poverty, the torture of starvation for people who have been sanctioned off of benefit and cannot afford food, hopelessness, despair, suicide.

We saw the signs as long ago as 2012, when the man we call RTU (Return To Unit) and SNLR (Services No Longer Required) launched his famous rant on the subject against Owen Jones.

This blog reported it at the time: “Irately wagging his finger in Mr Jones’s general direction, he barked: ‘We’ve heard a lot from you. I didn’t hear you screaming about two and a half million people who were parked, nobody saw them, for over 10 years, not working, no hope, no aspiration. We are changing their lives; I’m proud of doing that. Getting them off-benefit is what we’re going to do.‘”

Establishment figures like David Dimbleby, it seems, wanted us to take this at face value – that the Secretary-in-a-State was going to put people to work (whether they liked it or not).

Now we know that wasn’t what he meant.

He meant he was going to force people off benefit by perverting the system in the worst way possible. He was going to order his staff to find any slight excuse to inflict benefit sanctions on society’s most vulnerable.

Mike itemises the various ways the system of sanctions has made the situation of the poor much, much worse. Like trapping them in a cycle of debt, torturing the innocent, using fraudulent and illegal reasons to find any pretext for throwing people off benefit. His staff are so callous, that they have actually asked those suffering from suicidal thoughts why they haven’t committed suicide. And finally left the homeless to die of cold and starvation in the street.

IDS will never stop this persecution and victimisation himself. He must be forced to do so by the people below him.

Mike goes to urge them that

It is time to start copying information. Iain Duncan Smith will want to cover up all his dirty little secrets and it is likely that his shredder will be working day and night if he thinks someone else might discover any inconvenient truths.

If there are any inconvenient truths, then as servants of the country – rather than servants of the Conservatives or the Secretary of State – it is your duty to collect this evidence, preserve it and bring it forward after he has been ousted.

Nobody can order you to do this. Undoubtedly you will be discouraged from doing it; there are likely to be rules that say you must not, invoking the same national interest that Yr Obdt Srvt is invoking here.

This is a matter for your conscience.

Do you think Iain Duncan Smith and his associates should be allowed to go unpunished for the harm they have caused?

Do what you think is right.

The article can be read at: http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2015/03/03/dwp-employees-do-the-right-thing-because-iain-duncan-smith-never-will/

There have already been a number of courageous whistleblowers, who have had the honesty and integrity to denounce the lies in RTU’s administration. These include former Atos personnel who revealed the existence of the quotas they were given for throwing people off benefits. Others have shown the weird system of incentives the department uses to encourage its staff to sanction people. Like Easter eggs, and even ‘marshall’s badges’, of the same type I can remember getting as small child as part of a Milky Bars’ promotion. There’s nothing wrong with Milky Bars, except, perhaps, the usual dangers from eating too much chocolate. There is, however, everything wrong with the DWP and its cowboy management.

I have to say, though, I am not hopeful of Mike getting much a response from this post. It seems to me that the rot has gone too far, and those with any shred of self-respect, integrity, or simply competence, have departed the DWP long ago. Those who are left are the cruel, the callous, the vicious, the incompetent and the bullying. Exactly like their master.

But please, if there is anyone out there concerned at the way twenty years of maladministration has corrupted the system, then PROVE ME WRONG.

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3 Responses to “Vox Political Calls on DWP Staff to Oppose IDS’ Persecution of the Poor and Sick”

  1. sdbast Says:

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  2. Chris Says:

    Labour will not a get majority sufficient to rule, even with the SNP and Plaid Cymru of Wales, of the threshold of 323 MPs.

    UK is faced with the most severe hung parliament in UK history of everybody able to put their pencil cross on the paper 7 May.

    There is now talk of Prime Minister Cameron and his Tory ministers statying in post, even if they lose their seats, in a caretaker government.

    The only way to end this cruelty is to bring further partners into a group of MPs that are natural allies to Labour.

    Labour could do better by ending all its funding and running candidates in Scotland and use that funding to much better effect as follows.

    And Labour support by money for ads in areas with slim majority sitting Tory and Lib Dem areas and insist on fair media coverage in print and online and on TV for:

    – Plaid Cymru in Wales

    – Trade Unionist and Socialsit Coalition (TUSC)

    – Class War

    – Mebyon Kernow
    Cornwall has the slimest majorities for Tory and Lib Dem MPs.

    These new MPs would also reduce the number of Tory and Lib Dem MPs.

    So Labour / Class War/ TUSC / Plaid Cymru / SNP and Mebyon Kernow could more than reach the over 323 MPs to form an unassailable majority against the Tories and maybe even wipe
    all UK Lib Dems out.

    This is more than possible, as when the fewest voters come out as will on 7 May, it gives small parties the best chance in a generation.

    Class War have a candidate running against Ian Duncan Smith. If all this victims come out and put a pencil cross against Class War’s logo on the sheet on 7 May, then IDS is history.

    Because these now outnumber all other voters in the marginals, especially in England and Wales:

    – poor in work – all ages including half of over 50s / early 60s – facing permanent sanctions from Universal Credit for not able to move from part time to full time hours.

    – disabled – 11 million including 40 per cent of over 50s

    – chronic sick, majority reason over 50s not in work

    – 1 million 60-64 only on some kind of welfare facing nil state pension for life from 2016

    – unemployed, facing permanent sanctions from Universal Credit that will replace other benefits from 2016, as hardship payments become recoverable loans against future benefit or earned income.

    The poor have never had more power.

    See more at:

  3. A6er Says:

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