Farage: Leading the Party from the Saloon Bar

I found this satirical piccie of the Fuhrage from Hope Not Hate on the SlatUKIP page.

Pub Farage

It comes after Farage appeared the other day on ITV’s Loose Women. They asked him if he had any regrets about his beer and cigarettes image, to which he gave the answer shown above.

This just about confirms what many comedians and satirists have been saying already: that UKIP make up all their policies in bar room of men-only golf clubs.

Other comments Farage made on the programme didn’t go down to well with its female audience either. Discussing the lack of women in the boardroom, he denied that this was due to sex discrimination. The hedge fund generalissimo declared that women were indeed equal to men, and that a woman could rise to a position of senior management. However, they were held back by taking time off work to have families. This prevented them from moving with the rest of the ‘pack’, and so when they returned they earned less. He recognised that there were more men leaving work to raise the children, but said it was quite natural that women earned less when they came back to work. Those women, who did manage to break the glass ceiling to get to boardroom level were those, who didn’t have children and chose to concentrated on their career.

This had various female politicians asking the vital question on Twitter whether Farage was ‘for real’. I’m afraid he is.

The lack of women in positions of senior management is another point of contention at the moment. It’s been widely debated in business circles, and some Conservatives have supposedly mooted more measures to allow more women to gain seats on the board and create a ‘female-friendly’ business environment. A few years ago there was a drama on either BBC 3 or BBC 4, about a woman in a financial company, who finds herself the victim of a campaign of sexist and misogynist abuse after she return to work to concentrate on her career after having children. The programme was designed to raise awareness of the problem, and those women I know, who saw it were left seething at such injustice.
Farage’s comments about women in the boardroom will have done very little to endear him to women concerned at this unfair situation.

It is, however, of a par with the Kipper’s attitude towards women generally, which is deeply sexist. For example, if the Kippers get in, one of their policies will be to end maternity leave, along with a whole other raft of workers’ rights legislation going right back to the Victorians.

There is absolute no reason why any woman, or indeed anyone from the working and lower middle classes generally, should vote UKIP. Indeed, there are more than enough reasons to vote against them.

As for spending five or six hours a day in the pub, you actually wonder what Farage is doing in there. Someone pointed out on Terry Wogan’s weekday talk show back in the 1980s that the real movers and shakers of politics tend to drink very little. Maggie Thatcher was a case in point. They want to keep a clear head so they know exactly what’s going on around them, and can make the right decisions. I doubt Farage is really any different, for all the beer and ciggies blokey image.

Of course, he might be different, in which case if the Tories don’t win again, and choose them as their coalition partners, we can expect the country to be run from the inside of a pub by people stumbling around, getting maudlin drunk and saying to each other, ‘You’re my best mate, you are. You know what we ought to do? Give the workers a good kicking and boot the foreigners out! I’ll get the next round in.’

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3 Responses to “Farage: Leading the Party from the Saloon Bar”

  1. jaypot2012 Says:

    The man is a barm pot, and those that follow him are even worse!
    My father used to spend about 5 or 6 hours in a pub, he was an alcoholic…

  2. jaypot2012 Says:

    Reblogged this on Jay's Journal and commented:
    Farage and his drinking problem, it’s a big one…

  3. Chris Says:

    If parties that could help Labour form a majority government got as muchy coverage in seemingly left wing blogs of UKIP, then there might be hope for the tens of millions who are not being informed by any media coverage of their existence.

    There are a huge number of marginals with sitting Tories and Lib Dem MPs, where the claimants and poor pensioners and working poor count is thousands more than any other voters.

    Where is the coverage of:

    Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
    (with 100 candidates and so running in 1/6th of the general election seats that should give it the right of media coverage but getting none). And running 1000 candidates in the 6000 council elections this year.
    And TUSC said the truth of the state pension not being a benefit but deferred wages from our youth, so not some generous gift from government to be withdrawn by whim as being done next year, 2016.

    Class War (double dole and pension)

    Socialist party of Great Britain (Socialist GB)
    (anti austerity)

    Mebyon Kernow in Cornwall
    (who in a previous council election
    offered to cut council managers’ salaries
    and pay all basic grade staff
    a living wage)

    Plaid Cymru of Wales
    (Living Wage for the Welsh)

    The Left Unity Party
    (no library closures – state pension to median wages)

    Labour needs all these as help-mates, or the Tories and UKIP and the Ulster parties will give another 5 years of austerity and benefit cuts.

    Poor pensioners left with nil state pension and Universal Credit with permanent sanctions into a penniless starving for all ages.


    You might care to share in your social media this website, and reblog it in your blogs.

    Because Labour on its own will not get sufficient to fight the even worse to come.

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