Are The DWP Following Their Own Safeguarding Rules When They Sanction Sick and Disabled Claimant’s Benefits?

This could be vital news for some people with mental health problems, who have been sanctioned by the DWP. According to the Department’s own rules, the Jobcentre has two arrange two home visits before sanctioning people, whose mental health problems may mean that they cannot understand or comply with conditionality. This means that many people on ESA may be able to appeal to have their sanctions overturned, as there is much evidence to suggest that the DWP has routinely flouted these rules. Mr Void makes clear that the DWP does not want the general public knowing about this. They have kept it secret and it was only revealed after a FoI request. This is of potentially life-saving importance, so make sure as many people know about this as possible.

the void

sanction-sabs1People with a mental health condition claiming out of work sickness benefits may have had their benefits wrongly sanctioned due to the DWP not carrying out correct ‘safeguarding’ procedures.

Over 100,000 sick and disabled people claiming Employment Support Allowance have had their benefits stopped or reduced for not carrying some form of ‘work related activity’.  A report released recently by the Methodist Church found that around 100 people a day with a mental health problems are currently having their benefits sanctioned in this way.  There is growing concern however that many of these sanctions could have been incorrectly applied due to the DWP failing to carry out home visits to assess the impact on the claimant of stopping their only source of income.

The Jobcentre guidelines are clear“If a claimant has a condition that could affect their ability to understand and comply with conditionality, a Core Visit to their home must…

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