Oops! Blundering Osborne forgot to consult GPs on Manchester NHS devolution plans

This says a lot about the attitude of the governments involved in the backdoor privatisation of the NHS. They have never wanted to consult the NHS staff themselves. Private Eye ran a series of stories in their ‘In The Back’ column during the Bliar and Brown years about NHS hospitals that were handed over to private healthcare firms expressly against the wishes of local doctors and medical professionals.

This is not a blunder. During the 1990s when Major’s government introduced the internal market, the British Medical Association condemned it for creating a ‘two-tier’ health service. They also attacked NHS privatisation under Bliar. Indeed, one doctor was so concerned about Bliar’s privatisation of the local hospital in his area that he formed his own independent party campaigning for the NHS and against PFI hospitals, stood for election and won, beating the Labour candidate.

The NHS doctors, surgeons and nurses recognise this as an attempt to privatise the NHS. That’s why Osbo didn’t consult them. He already knew what their answer would be.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s George Osborne!)

George Osborne announced last week he was going to devolve responsibilities and funding for NHS healthcare in Manchester to local authorities.

The only problem is, it turns out he omitted to consult with the local medical committees about the proposals.

Local Medical Committees are the professional organisations which represent individual GPs and local GP practices.

Which means Osborne completely forgot to consult the main professionals affected by his proposals – namely GPs.


More on Osborne’s blunder here:

GPs sidelined from Manchester devolution plans


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