Sell, Sell, Sell! Maximus Share Prices Could Tumble After Welfare To Work Scandal Rocks Australia

Johnny Void here looks at the scandal in Australia caused by a documentary that revealed the massive fraudulent sanctioning of claimants by Maximus. Mr Void then goes to state that this is only the beginning. With none of the parties willing to tackle the quackery and sheer cruel stupidity of the Welfare-to-Work tests, the only course open to protestors is to make it unprofitable. He therefore urges everyone to support today’s day of action against Maximus up and down the country.

As for the Work Capability Test, he points out that it was brought in by Bliar in 2008 in order to strip sickness and disability benefit from one million people. No amount of PR spin is going to change this. He also shows that its based on a number of false premises, most notably that work is always good for mental health – it isn’t; that Britain has a higher level of sick people than other nations – we don’t; and that there are enough jobs to go round if people only worked hard. There aren’t.

Maximus need to be shown that people are sick of the work programme, and that they will be treated no better than Atos, because they are no better than Atos. Support the day of action against them today.

the void

share-collapse1A damning documentary exposing the shoddy behaviour of Maximus and the welfare-to-work sector in Australia could lead to a drop in the company’s share price according to one stockmarlet analyst.

The programme, produced by ABC (and still viewable here), tells a story which will be familiar to all those in the UK forced to attend outsourced schemes such as Iain Duncan Smith’s Work Programme.  Claimants had their benefits stopped for no reason, signatures on paperwork were faked and the most marginalised claimants were parked – meaning abandoned completely by the companies who saw no profit in helping them.  Maximus dominate the welfare-to-work sector in Australia, and have several contracts running similar schemes in the UK.

According to an analyst on finance website Seeking Alpha, Maximus earn 10% of their revenue in Australia and that could now be under threat due to a ‘short term negative news cycle’. …

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