Danielle La Verite asks Hard Questions about Iain Duncan Smith

Danielle La Verite is an alternative media broadcaster, who appears to have her own radio show. She specialises in politics, discussing government and establishment cover-ups, particularly those protecting high-level paedophiles. In this video she puts the boot into Iain Duncan Smith. She points out the many lies on his CV, and how he was sacked from every company he worked for. She then asks the obvious question of how such an incompetent has been allowed into government. Her harshest criticisms are naturally for his vicious attacks on the poor and unemployed in his welfare reforms. She questions his motives, and even his mental health for the immense suffering he has knowingly inflicted.

Warning: La Verite does not mince her words, and the language is frequently strong and obscene. I still thought it was worth posting despite these caveats. After all, IDS is vicious, cruel, mean-spirited and incompetent. He fully deserves every criticism, regardless of the colour of the language it’s framed in.

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One Response to “Danielle La Verite asks Hard Questions about Iain Duncan Smith”

  1. Joanna Says:

    It was ok apart from the “c” word, but the last part was irrelevant. The last part would have been more effective if she had talked about how he is devastatingly Abusing children through his decisions, instead she engaged in petty name calling, which diminished her earlier arguments! In fact after the first time she uttered the C word, I lost interest in what she was saying which didn’t add up to a whole lot!

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