The Work Capability Assessment Is About To Get Worse, Less People To Be Placed In Support Group Say DWP

Paul Litchfield, the Chief Medical Officer for BT, has decided that there are far too many people in the Support Group. These are people that even the DWP acknowledge are too ill to find work. Many of them have problems with self-harm and suicide. Litchfield does not take into account the rising number of suicides due to the pressure from the DWP.

The recommendation that more people should be placed in the support group is good news for Maximus, who also run a fair chunk of the workfare programme. It’s in their self-interest to get as many people on their books as possible, for them to supply as cheap labour to different firms.

the void

wca-review5 Recommendations made by Paul Litchfield in the latest review into the Work Capability Assessment

More sick and disabled people will face sanctions and workfare when Maximus take over running running the despised assessments for sickness benefits say the DWP who have promised the number of people placed in the Support Group is expected to fall.

The department’s comments come in their response to the latest review into the Work Capability Assessment, the shoddy computer based test used to find sick and disabled people ‘fit for work’ and stop their benefits.  Sinister US based outsourcing firm Maximus will take over the assessments from next week after ferocious campaigning by disabled people and benefit claimants led to the notorious Atos ending their involvement with the tests early.

The most recent review was carried out by Paul Litchfield, presumably in his spare time as he is also Chief Medical Officer at BT. …

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