How The DWP Bribed Employers To Break Age Discrimination Laws With A ‘Golden Ticket’ Worth £2,275

Johnny Void here describes the scandal of the ‘Wage Incentive’ scheme, in which employers were paid up to £2,275 by the government to take on unemployed young people under 25, rather than older workers. The scheme was quietly abandoned last summer after opposition from employers, who considered it grossly unethical. Like the rest of the government’s schemes for getting the unemployed back into work through Workfare, it was open to massive abuse. Mr Void states that firms were fiddling the books to claim extra money for their staff, or using it as a supply of cheap labour. The DWP’s own lawyers also warned that the scheme was probably illegal under the age discrimination laws, meaning that employers and the government could be sued by older workers, who had been passed over jobs in favour of younger people.
This is one scheme that the government certainly did not tout, probably because it was so risky. It could well have lost them a slice of the pensioners’ vote, with many older people also keen to continue working past retirement. Or at least, that’s what’s claimed. Either way, it’s another example of this government’s expensive and corrupt methods of combating unemployment, which simply don’t work.

the void

wage-incentive-goldenticketJobcentres bribed employers with ‘golden tickets’ worth up to £2,275 to hire young people over older workers despite warnings from lawyers that this Wage Incentive scheme was probably illegal.

Figures released this week show that over one hundred thousand ‘Wage Incentive’ payments were doled out to employers before the scheme was quietly abandoned last Summer.  These payments could be claimed from the DWP every time an employer recruited someone under 25 who had previously been on benefits.  An early evaluation of the scheme found that it was riddled with abuse, with employers making backdated claims for workers they had already hired, or even using Wage Incentives as a tax-payer funded rolling stock of temporary staff.  This report came alongside warning from the DWP’s own lawyers that companies who took these payments faced the risk of legal challenges under age discrimination laws from older workers denied jobs .

Despite these…

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  1. Jeffery Davies Says:

    Untill this man plans for our future become known it would bring him to the hague to answer for his many many crimes against his own people’s

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