Eugenics in America: The Forced Sterilisation of Native American Women

This is another chilling clip I found on the internet. It’s about the forced sterilisation of American Indian women by the US. This wasn’t in the 19th century, when eugenics was most popular amongst a section of Western intellectuals. It was in the 1970s, following the passage of the Family Planning Act by one George HW Bush. The scheme was uncovered by Senator Abourek. The Youtube description of this video states that it formed the basis for a 1998 Master’s thesis by Sally Torpy, at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, “Endangered Species: Native American Women’s Struggle for Their Reproductive Rights and Racial Identity, 1970s-1990s”.

Once again it seems, when the American Right start screaming about eugenics and the Left, they’re really talking about themselves.

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2 Responses to “Eugenics in America: The Forced Sterilisation of Native American Women”

  1. concernedkev Says:

    The secret group of would be leaders of “The New World Order” have been attempting to orchestrate a reduction in world populations and have allegedly used a Tetanus immunisation programme in third world countries read this blog for further information
    It is probably happening now as we write.

  2. Chris Says:

    Now we see how discrimination of minority races then comes home to roost in the majority races who discriminated against them.

    This was indeed done in the 19th century by another means.

    The cavalry forced taking children as young as 6 years away from their parents to take them to boarding schools in Eastern USA, and there washing out their mouths with soap if they spoke their own language and teaching them their own tribal culture was disgusting primitive.

    To this day there are multi tribal schools with signs in the corridor saying SPEAK ENGLISH, even on reservations.

    Fine – speak English in the classroom, but how cruel to say cannot speak your own language in the corridors or in the playground.

    Today there are bilingual classes on reservations, but the tribal governments still do not have power over education of their own children.

    The children taken away did have a high death rate from all being crammed together in dormitories so died the diseases of that age.

    There is still a high suicide rate amongst Native Americans, having lost so much of their heritage by design of state.

    Free contraception to the poor is one thing, to prevent AIDS and other diseases that destroy fertility.

    But the majority of inmates in prisons are Native Americans, Blacks and Hispanics, but this is done to whites as well.

    So much done to Native Americans, ends up being done later to any race in the USA.

    What will they do next, sterilise Democrats when the Republics are in power?

    And (even white) War Veterans were ignored for help in the USA, by claims just being filed away and nothing done (an example is in California), just the same as ignoring the Native Americans back in the 19th century who had crooked Indian Agents (white men) in charge of the budget for the reservation, who took the money for food and instead bought rubbish food and little of it and pocketed the difference.

    Politics hey?

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