Daily Mail EXCLUSIVE: solar eclipse to plunge Britain into darkness if Ed Miliband becomes PM

If the Daily Mail thought they could get away with that kind of scare story, they’d run it. Remember the stories in the press a few years ago about various asteroids being on target to the hit the Earth in several hundred years time? Private Eye spoofed the Mail’s attitude to news and the Labour party by publishing mock Daily Mail headlines declaring that it was causing house prices to drop and was all due to the possibility of Labour winning the election.

Pride's Purge


Scientists are warning that Britain’s most complete solar eclipse in 16 years is likely to block out as much as 95% of sunlight across parts of the UK and Europe if Ed Miliband is elected prime minister in the upcoming general election.

Researchers from the Nautical Almanac Office say if Labour win the election, the moon will pass in front of the sun, casting a large shadow over the Earth, and plunging the country into DARKNESS.

Energy experts are also warning of possible blackouts, due to energy supplies being affected by an increasing reliance on solar power, if Ed Balls becomes chancellor.

And in worrying news for Scottish voters, astronomers are warning that in many parts of Scotland as much an 95 percent of the sun will be covered by the moon if the SNP win an expected landslide, while in London and the UK’s South East, 85 percent of the sun will…

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One Response to “Daily Mail EXCLUSIVE: solar eclipse to plunge Britain into darkness if Ed Miliband becomes PM”

  1. Jeffery Davies Says:

    It would have been more truthfull of them to print if we get another five years of tory rule then the disabled sick mentally ill
    will be persecuted more by their action t4 scheme of things bet uou they wouldn’t print that bit of truth

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