Cameron is clamping down on tax fraud. But by the working poor not the idle rich.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

It’s not true at all that the Cameron government isn’t tackling tax fraud.

In fact, it has even brought in a US company – called Concentrix – to help HM Revenue and Customs and is paying the firm millions in taxpayers’ money to tackle tax fraud.

But Concentrix has been ordered to tackle possible tax fraud committed by working people so poor they need tax credits to survive – not rich corporations or individuals who are evading or avoiding tax.

In the meantime, George Osborne claims it’s not his or the government’s job to tackle tax fraud by the wealthy.

One rule for us ………


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2 Responses to “Cameron is clamping down on tax fraud. But by the working poor not the idle rich.”

  1. Cameron is clamping down on tax fraud. But by the working poor not the idle rich. | Beastrabban’s Weblog | Britain Isn't Eating Says:

    […] Cameron is clamping down on tax fraud. But by the working poor not the idle rich. | Beastrabban&#82…. […]

  2. Sasson Hann Says:

    I know the feeling! Due to an error in the Tax Credit department, I only finished paying off a £2000 debt last year, and every year since I’ve finished work I’ve had multiple ‘Performance Measurement’ monitoring in one form or another from DWP agencies as well as the prescription authority (saying I was picked by random: I think not!).

    Yes the poor get hounded, but the rich when caught are ‘invited’ to interviews, or are able to ‘negotiate’ their tax and then receive a massive discount.

    I was self employed on a low income, and ever since I was forced to give up work 8 years ago I’ve had yearly tax or national insurance demands for money.

    I obviously didn’t have an accountant any more but she was good enough to re confirm my income and status on a number of occasions (seems they don’t know what my income was despite her sending yearly tax returns!).

    This year, cynically, I’ve just received another demand for 2007 and 2008. My accountant warned last year that she had been about to destroy the info from 2009 that I’d requested last year, so now we can’t prove that she applied for a ‘low income disregard’ for national insurance.

    Hounded again for a measly £140 (well, measly for the well off tax dodgers!). I’m sure they have done this knowing full well that information for those years would have been disposed of by now so I’m left with a bill that I don’t owe.

    It just makes you sick that they are now using private companies using a ‘dragnet’ procedure in order to hound people for imaginary benefit fraud.

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