Vox Political: Tories Given £55 million by Hedge Funds

Mike over at Vox Political has this story about the Conservatives having received £55 million in donations from the hedge funds:

Latest figures from the Electoral Commission reveal that in the last quarter (Q4 2014) hedge funds gave the Tories almost £2 million in donations, which means donations from the hedge fund industry to the Conservative Party now total more than £55 million, according to the Labour Party.

Hedge funds were given a tax cut worth £145m by George Osborne in 2013, and were offered hundreds of millions of pounds worth of shares in the Royal Mail when part of that national asset was sold off by the money-grubbing Coalition for a fraction of what it was worth.

Analysis of Conservative Party donations shows that almost £4 million of donations in the last quarter came from donors who have attended exclusive private dinners with David Cameron and other senior Ministers, taking the total to £11.65m from dinner donors in 2014

“The Tories are now the political wing of the hedge fund industry, said Labour’s shadow Cabinet Office minister, Jonathan Ashworth.

Jonathan Ashworth also says that the Tories are failing ordinary, hardworking families because their priority is with the privileged few.

This is absolutely correct.

And not only does the receipt of such massive amounts from the hedge funds show the Tories skewed priorities, it’s also a real danger to this country’s health service and particularly the care homes for the handicapped and elderly. I’ve reblogged several stories from Private Eye, Johnny Void and Mike about the scandals that have erupted over the appalling mistreatment of residents and patients in several care homes. A number of these have been forced to close. Part of the problem is that the homes were run by hedge funds as part of a network of enterprises set up to avoid tax. The companies running the care homes were deliberately driven into multimillion pounds worth of debt, as part of this tax dodge. As a result, there was little investment, and so standards of care were appallingly low, and the homes themselves always vulnerable to collapse.

This is the health care system set up by these Tory donors. It will no doubt expand and get worse if the Tories get in at the next election and try to privatise the healthcare system even further.

Get rid of the Tories, and their financial paymasters.

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