Wasting police time – a new role for the Jobcentre ?

Clearly, the police and Jobcentre in this case think they are department of pre-crime, as in the film Minority Report. Mr Weare makes the point that they should have recognised the comment for what it was – an expression of frustration and outrage, rather than a statement of intent. Mike over at Vox Political also states that the Jobcentre should also know that the police only investigate crimes that have actually occurred.
See also ‘Joy’s’ comment about how something like that happened at a Jobcentre in her town. The coppers in that instance showed eminently better sense than the Jobcentre staff and order them to pay him. It’s unfortunate that the rozzers in this case didn’t have a similar amount of intelligence.


> The following was forwarded by email and is reproduced with permission.

Hi,I  enjoy reading your blog, I felt i had to write to someone to express my astonishment at the actions of Killingworth (North Tyneside)  job centre.

My son has just been sanctioned by them. He asked for a hardship form to get some kind of help.

I know he shouldn’t have done but in filling it in he said he might have to resort to shoplifting to survive !

Very much to my surprise at about 6.30pm tonight was a loud knock on the the door my partner answered to be confronted by 2 policemen.They asked for my son by name, they asked if he had written those things on the from.

He said he had because he was very annoyed with being sanctioned, they asked if he was intending to go shoplifting, he said no, they both…

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