Vox Political: The Torygraph and Tory Allegations of Labour Paedophiles: Fact or Smear, but Definitely Scandal

I’ve just reblogged Tom Pride’s story about the Torygraph withholding information they received from Tory Central Office suggesting that several senior sitting Labour MPs may be paedophiles. Tom Pride makes the point that that this is absolutely scandalous, whether or not the allegations are true. If they are, then the Torygraph is covering up the information and actually protecting them. If the allegations are untrue, then it looks very much like Tory Central Office is engaging in a vile smear campaign.

Either way, it’s disgusting, and shows the extremely low standards at the Torygraph and Central Office.

Mike has a fuller account of the incident over at Vox Political in the article Is the Telegraph withholding emails that could help the inquiry into child abuse?. This comes from the account of the Labour MP Tom Watson, who was told over lunch at the Quirinale Restaurant by another MP, Chris Bryant, who’d been told in his turn by Matthew Holehouse, the Torygraph’s political correspondent. Holehouse had been included in a series of emails by staff at Tory Central Office discussing which Labour MPs they thought were paedophiles. Holehouse made it clear that he thought it was a childish smear by the Tories, and really wasn’t impressed at all by these puerile tactics.

Watson wrote to Cameron in an effort to clear up the matter, and get Cameron to come clean on what’s going on here. He has not received an answer from the Prime Minister. He did get a non-answer from unconvicted fraudster and Tory Chairman, Grant Shapps, essentially trying to brush it all off.

The article begins:

Thanks today go to Vox Political commenter concernedkev, who brought this writer’s attention to a piece by Labour MP Tom Watson. It’s self-explanatory so here it is:

I have had cause to write to [the Telegraph] about a disturbing allegation shared with me by Chris Bryant MP. They just ignored me.

My letter was prompted by a conversation I had with Chris. He told me that he’d had lunch at the Quirinale restaurant with Telegraph political correspondent Matthew Holehouse. [We won’t quote this part because there is a direct quote from Mr Bryant later in the piece, as follows:] “Matthew Holehouse told me at lunch at Quirinale that he had been accidentally included in a series of email exchanges between senior figures at Conservative Central Office who were speculating about which Labour sitting MPs were paedophiles and how they should deploy this ‘information’. Matthew seemed to think that this showed that CCHQ was run by a bunch of children and he said it was worse than Damian McBride. He reckoned the paper would be running the story later that week, unless the powers that be intervened. I asked him which senior figures were involved. He said ‘very senior’, but refused to elaborate. He also refused to tell me which Labour MPs were speculated about. He didn’t believe that any of the emails’ allegations were anything other than nasty vindictiveness and an attempt to smear Labour MPs.”

When what he told me had sunk in I was furious. It showed that senior offices at CCHQ were either a; holding back vital intelligence from the police abuse inquiry or b; engaging in a smear campaign against their opponents. Either way, it showed appalling conduct.

The article has a copy of the letter Watson wrote to Cameron, and links to Watson’s own, longer account of this affair. It’s at http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2015/02/18/is-the-telegraph-withholding-emails-that-could-help-the-inquiry-into-child-abuse/

As for the Torygraph and child abusers, see the comments by Bob Chewie and others over at Tom Pride’s blog piece. One of the journos on the Torygraph was a paedo, who came to the Barclays’ esteemed organ after writing for one of London’s gay magazines. Allegedly.

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3 Responses to “Vox Political: The Torygraph and Tory Allegations of Labour Paedophiles: Fact or Smear, but Definitely Scandal”

  1. gingerblokeblog Says:

    Reblogged this on gingerblokeblog.

  2. GMB Says:

    Met with a current MPS officer last week. Told me officers were being leaned on and told not to investigated allegations of CSA/VIP abuse. ‘Too many people in the Met with vested interests’

    • beastrabban Says:

      That’s very sinister, but unfortunately, after the recent scandals involving lost dossiers and so on, I can well believe it.

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