Huff Post’s All-New UKIP Shipping Forecast

The Huffington Post has published another satirical piece on the Kippers. This time it’s the BBC’s Shipping Forecast, describing the weather as announced by UKIP. It’s called ‘Rain, Moderate Or Gay’: Listen To The All-New Ukip Shipping Forecast, and it’s at:


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3 Responses to “Huff Post’s All-New UKIP Shipping Forecast”

  1. Liberal Guerilla Says:

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    Very funny spoof. Though only very funny if you don’t think too much about it and realise how true much of it is true.

  2. Nest Nearly Empty Says:

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    This is SO hilarious but I realise that many non British bloggers may not be familiar with the real UK Shipping Forecast…..this sounds SO genuine but cleverly mocks the UKIP political party. I am a real sucker for clever humour and this is great and thank you so much for highlighting it!

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