How Telegraph execs tried to stop Tom Watson MP’s inquiries into paedophilia

If this is true, then it just shows how corrupt the Conservative party really is, and how far that corruption has infected the Torygraph. And after the scandal about Oborne’s resignation over the Barclay brothers’ esteemed organ because of the cover-up of HSBC’s tax avoidance, and the continuing mass sackings to pay for Murdoch MacLennan’s incompetence in hiring ‘Psycho Seiken’ and to make the £60m profit the Barclay brothers demand, it makes you wonder if the newspaper can survive. Let’s hope it doesn’t.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK press!)

Tom Watson MP has written a very interesting blog post, in which he raises some startling allegations against Daily Telegraph executives as well as what he calls “senior figures at Conservative Central Office”.

In the blog post, Mr Watson reveals that a Daily Telegraph correspondent claims the newspaper has been ‘sitting’ on emails sent to them in error by Conservative Party HQ concerning evidence of sitting MPs’ links to paedophilia.

Mr Watson also reveals that when he inquired to Telegraph executives about the emails, they tried to pressure him into stopping his inquiries.

You can read the full blogpost here:

Are executives at the Telegraph sitting on emails that may help the police inquiry into child abuse?

Mr Watson’s main question is, are Daily Telegraph executives and senior Tories withholding information from the police about MPs’ links to paedophilia? Or are they involved in a smear campaign to discredit sitting…

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One Response to “How Telegraph execs tried to stop Tom Watson MP’s inquiries into paedophilia”

  1. Jeffery Davies Says:

    I hope that the next lot in hold this lot up to answer for their crimes against their own peoples but sadly truth doesnt seem to
    be the order of the day hiding all sweeping it under the carpet yet
    I dearly hope to see them before the hague but wonder do the masses now whot they our unelected government has done to justice

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