Worried you might be a millionaire tax avoider without knowing it? Find out with this QUIZ!

Another piece of satire from Mr Pride, though many of the questions look uncomfortably close to the truth. Particularly the bit about Tory fundraising auctions. The link shows that mercifully they didn’t auction a bronze statue of George Osborne’s private parts, but otherwise they did take part in a massive display of obscene wealth, made all the more revolting by the Tories’ cant about the need for austerity and their persecution of the poor and the unemployed. These people really do believe in the imposition of slavery for anyone who doesn’t have a knighthood.

Pride's Purge


Are you worried you might accidentally be dodging the taxman by stashing away a massive fortune in a Swiss bank account without realising it?

After Tory donor Lord Fink said recently that “everyone avoids paying tax“, many people are concerned that they might unwittingly turn out to be a multi-millionaire tax evader who’s been unintentionally donating huge amounts of money to the Tory Party.

Well worry no more!

Simply take this short quiz and find out:

1) You decide you’d like to become a bit more involved in politics. Do you

a) Join a local branch of your preferred party and start handing out leaflets?

b) Find an issue you care about deeply and join a campaign group supporting it?

c) Buy a ticket for the next Tory Party fundraising dinner where you pay £235,000 for a seat at a table next to Iain Duncan Smith and bid £358,00 for a bronze scale model of George…

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