Cameron Proposes Solving Tory Polling Deficit By Cutting Benefits For Under 25s

This is another one of Tom’s I missed. This is actually truer than Tom believes, and I really don’t think it is satire. I’ve posted on my blog I couple of pieces I found from The Young Turks talking about the way Fox News, and the Republicans generally, don’t like the young because, well, kids tend to be idealistic and vote for things other than tax cuts for the rich. The amendments to the voter registration laws in North Carolina is designed to exclude the poor, Black and young, the demographic sectors that traditionally vote Republican. Clegg and Cameron are doing exactly the same here.

Pride's Purge


The prime minister has suggested that young people under the age of 25 could lose the right to housing benefit, as part of moves to cut the Tory Party’s deficit in the opinion polls.

Experts say that scrapping the benefit for that particular age group could reduce the national deficit of the prime minister’s party by as much 8% points by attracting back the elderly redneck vote who in recent months have deserted him for UKIP.

In an interview in the Mail on Sunday, Cameron said he wanted to reverse the growing deficit by making as many young people homeless as possible:

It’s time everyone grasped the nettle and accepted that if we want things to improve, it’s obvious that the welfare system is going to have to be reformed so that it favours older, richer Conservative voting people over younger, poorer non-Conservative voting people.

Obviously, if you compare…

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