Vox Political: New Tory Attempt to Smear Owen Jones with Twitter

Mike over at Vox Political has put up another post documenting what looks like an attempt by the Tories to make it appear that the left-wing author, Owen Jones has been buying Twitter followers. It’s entitled, Tory smear tactics are too obvious by far and begins:

Whose idea was it to buy thousands of Twitter followers for Owen Jones, in imitation of the tactic for which David Cameron was recently shown up?

Under the headline David Cameron has tens of thousands of Twitter followers who DON’T EXIST, yesterday’s (February 12) Daily Mirror told us: “David Cameron, who famously claimed “too many tweets make a t***”, faces Twitter shame as tens of thousands of his followers don’t exist.

“The Tory leader has 915,000 followers on the social network, which he joined five years ago.

“But media experts say 15% were ghost accounts – meaning about 137,000 of his Twitter friends are imaginary, while another 393,000 of his followers are deemed “inactive”.

Owen Jones, the author of Chavs and The Establishment, realised the other night that somebody had set up 4,000 spam accounts to follow him. The Tory blogger, Guido Fawkes, and a right-wing blog that supports him, then accused Jones of buy Twitter followers.

Mike makes the point that this looks exactly like someone from the Tories trying to smear the Left after their leader was caught doing so.

He also challenges Fawkes to start blogging under his name.

The articles at http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2015/02/13/tory-smear-tactics-are-too-obvious-by-far/. Go and read it.

It does indeed look like someone from Tory Central Office has set this up to smear Jones. As for Staines, aka ‘Guido Fawkes’, one of his fellow Tories made some very uncomplimentary ‘colourful metaphors’ about him after he stabbed him in the back a few years ago. Staines has a very sordid past, coming from the extreme Libertarian wing of the Tory party that used to cosy up to the BNP and invite the leaders of Latin American death squads round to dinner. ‘Cause obviously the leaders of gangs of thugs, who raped, killed, mutilated and tortured anyone to the left of General Franco stand for individual liberty and freedom.

This shows you how desperate the Tories really are. They are very definitely on the back foot. And they know it.

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