IDS plan to kill social housing in 4 years

Jaynel reports how IDS plans to give council houses away free to people, who have managed to stay in work for a year. She points out that this will leave council house stocks absolutely empty within four years, and leave the poor, unemployed and disabled with absolutely nowhere to live. Except for the private sector landlords, who have just bought up a whole lot of council house stock cheaply, and who will then make a killing raising the rents.

my guess is that this will also be a bad bargain for those, who do get given their houses. Thatcher sold off much of the council house stock in the 1980s, because many of them were facing massive repair bills. Many people, who now occupy council houses could face serious problems having to maintain the houses themselves. Not forgetting also that the rent included council tax, which will now have to be paid separately.


Before anyone dismisses this as just another of #IDS ‘fag-packet’ ideas, read Joe Halewood’s take below: and to quote his closing point “ please stop calling this the ‘daftest policy’ you have ever heard. Stop saying you are speechless at this etc, and grow a set of balls and tell IDS and this government (and the next government and the one after that) to go f**k themselves and to start dealing on your terms.”

The Times and Daily Telegraph have a story today – the latest hare-brained idea of the tyrannical despot called Iain Duncan Smith.

If you have worked for a year you get your council or housing association property given to you for nothing!!

Yes seriously!

The plan is outlined here in an article in 24Dash:

Iain Duncan Smith is keen for the party to include a pledge in its election manifesto to give people who…

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