Evict The Bailiffs!

I’ve just this morning come back from a talk in which money was collected for a local initiative to help the homeless. The speaker stated he was trying to get money for them that evening, as he himself had narrowly escaped being thrown out of his house on many occasions. At a time when rents have risen beyond many people’s means to pay them, when housing benefit is being cut and withdrawn completely from the under 25s, too many people are making too much money from the threat of homelessness. And there’s a real scandal in that many homes, rather than being used to rehouse others after their previous tenants are evicted, are simply left empty. In many of these cases, it would have been better to let their former tenants have them on a reduced rent. But no: greed dictates they should lie untenanted, in order to boost demand. Pressure should be put on the bailiffs, as well as on slum landlords, who are seeking to prosper through rackrenting and throwing the poor and helpless out on the streets.

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evict-the-bailiffsvia Focus E15

#EvictTheBailiffs at the British Credit Awards! Weds. Feb. 11, 18:00 SHARP!

Focus E15 invite you to the Brewery (52 Chiswell Street, EC1Y 4SD) for 6pm sharp on Weds. Feb. 11, to welcome those arriving at the 2015 British Credit Awards’ £4,000-per-table black-tie affair, in which bailiffs and debt collectors will be receiving awards for making families homeless.

Since companies like ‘The Sherriff’s Office’ receive nominations by throwing people and their belongings out onto the cold streets of London, we intend to turn the front entrance of the Brewery into a mock eviction site for attendees to experience before an evening of champagne, three-course dinners, and the kudos of their peers.

We encourage anyone concerned with social cleansing and the criminalisation of poverty to bring rubbish bags, boxes, and broken pieces of furniture to scatter across the front entrance of the Brewery as guests arrive to receive…

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