Vox Political: Labour Will Save and Expand Sure Start Children’s Centres

Mike over at Vox Political has blogged this story under the title Positive campaign announcement of the day: Labour will save Sure Start centres. Tristram Hunt has hailed the Sure Start Children’s Centres as one of the great achievements of the last Labour government in providing working people with much needed child care. The number of child care centres has fallen dramatically under the present government. Hunt has stated that Labour intends to not only to save them, but also expand them and open them up to other community groups.

Mike writes:

A Labour Government will save Sure Start and double the number of childcare places provided at them to more than 118,000.

Labour will introduce a new statutory obligation on Sure Start to provide access to child care – as well as giving them new powers to open up their doors to charities and local providers so the whole community can use them.

The aim is to make the best use of these public buildings, re-establishing them as family hubs in the community and reaching more families than ever before. Labour says the alternative under a Tory second term – in which they have already signalled that they will cut schools budgets year-on-year – is a recipe for national decline.

The Government has allowed Sure Start centres to close or effectively be mothballed. This is disastrous for local communities at a time when childcare places are falling even though demand is greater than ever. Many providers say lack of space or affordable premises is the reason why they cannot set up or expand in an area.

Hunt states that we will not succeed as a nation unless we give children a proper start, and parents can get to work on time without having to search for proper childcare.

Now Mike makes clear that he’s not a fan of Hunt. He is indeed an upper-middle class oik playing at belonging to the party of the people. Nevertheless, his support for the Sure Start Centres is a positive step, and he should be congratulated on it.

Mike’s article is at http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2015/02/08/positive-campaign-announcement-of-the-day-labour-will-save-sure-start-centres/.

He’s right. And while the Tories continue with their drivel about supporting hard-working people, while making sure that they can hard make ends meet, and denying them welfare support if they fall on hard times, all for the benefit of wealthy donors, Labour actually is dong something for the hard-working public.

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