Don’t Get Too Upset About UKIP’s Amjad Bashir

Amjad Bashir

Amjad Bashir: Former Kipper and Opponent of Giving Workers Rights.

There was a little bit of controversy a week or so ago when UKIP’s Amjad Bashir defected back to the Tories. Bashir was claiming he had been forced out, while UKIP instead claimed that they had suspended him following questions about possibly criminal or illegal conduct. The police had previously raided his restaurant, and there were allegations that he was employing illegal immigrants.

Bashir was one of the very few Black or Asian members of the party, and so gave it the illusion of being far more tolerant than it actually. Despite Farage’s claim that his is a ‘non-racist’, ‘non-sectarian party’, nearly every week there’s news of another racist comment, or links of yet another Kipper politico to the Fascist right. Regarding Bashir’s expulsion from UKIP, I don’t know which is right – him or his accusers.

What is clear is that Bashir deserves absolutely little sympathy for his treatment, as he is one of the many Kippers, who would like to repeal legislation granting workers rights.

In May last year Hope Not Hate ran an article on Bashir’s views, published on his website in April, on how workers’ rights stop businesses employing more people. The rights he particularly objected to are

1) Maternity leave.

2) Paternity leave.

3) Holiday entitlement.

4) Working time directive.

5) Minimum Wage

6) Flexible working directive.

7) Unfair dismissal (tribunals).

Bashir then deleted his comments about this issue, but they were retrieved using the Wayback Machine. At the time Bashhir was UKIP’s spokesman for Small and Medium Businesses. He isn’t alone in holding such views. Other, White Kippers have said pretty much the same thing. And no doubt Fuhrer Farage will deny that these are official Kipper policies, while not saying what the real policies in this area are. As usual.

So with his hostility to the rights British workers have struggled long and hard for over the past century, and which the Tories are doing their best to repeal at the rate of knots. I don’t have much sympathy for Bashir’s ejection from his party. Especially as he himself believes that workers shouldn’t have the right to sue for unfair dismissal.

The Hope Not Hate article is at:

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