US to ban open carrying of toddlers after 3-year old shoots parents

This nearly isn’t satire, as certain sections of the American public are extremely vocal and vehement in the defence of gun rights – just see the furore when Piers Morgan criticised them on his show in America. There was a media storm which eventually resulted in him being ousted from the airwaves. So deeply ingrained is American gun culture, that there are guns manufactured specifically for children, in bright primary colours, to encourage them to begin shooting. And after school massacres, like that at Columbine, the debate centres around breakdown in the family, or the pernicious effects of popular culture, the personal psychology of the kids themselves, indeed, almost anything and everything except the question of whether schoolchildren should have access to firearms.

Pride's Purge


The US is to ban the open carrying of toddlers and severely restrict the right of US citizens to bear infants after a 3-year old boy in New Mexico shot and wounded both of his parents.

In the United States, open carrying refers to the practice of “openly carrying a child in public“, as distinguished from concealed carry, where infants cannot be seen by the casual observer.

The practice of open carry – where child owners openly display their children while they go about their daily business – has seen an increase in the U.S. in recent years.

Proponents of open carry point to history and statistics, noting that criminals are not usually seen carrying children while they commit their crimes, in stark contrast to law abiding citizens who proudly display their infants in public.

The influential gun rights community in the US has been generally enthusiastic about banning open carrying of infants, pointing…

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