Life on Hannan World (Part 16)

The Cat takes apart Daniel Hannan’s Libertarian attack on Russell Brand, showing that underneath all the verbiage and flim-flannery, Hannan and his mates in the Tories and UKIP are scared of the challenge Brand poses to their ideal oligarchy of government by the rich, for the rich. I disagree strongly with Brand’s recommendation that people shouldn’t vote. It won’t lead to the collapse of the system, and may only leave us powerless before the feudal power of the big corporations and plutocrats Brand condemns. There is a reason, after all, why Cameron has changed the rules for electoral registration, which have left about 700,000 students off the rolls and so unable to vote.
Nevertheless, Brand is reaching people, and especially young people, in a way that Cameron and the spin doctors and image minders of the political parties can’t, and it’s clearly rattled the Tories.

Guy Debord's Cat

Russell Brand: he must be doing something right if Hannan hates him.

I realise there has been little activity on my blog for a number of weeks. This is because I have been very busy with other things. I won’t go into detail but these things have taken a great deal of my time and demanded my utmost attnetion. It’s also likely that my blog output will be patchy over the coming weeks, though I expect to do some blogging closer to the General Election.

I’ve resisted the temptation to comment on Russell Brand because he has been covered from all different angles by all manner of people. Brand’s associations with Laurence Easeman have been the subject of considerable discussion since last October, when his book launch was cancelled after Easeman’s anti-Semitism and fascism were revealed. Under the circumstances, Brand did the right thing by cancelling the launch. At least…

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