Osborne’s nr 2 Lib Dem Danny Alexander to lose his seat to SNP at next election

I don’t think many people south of the border will be sorry to see Danny Alexander lose his seat either. Especially students, who are facing a lifetime of debt due to student fees. They still remember with bitterness how Clegg and co betrayed them, and then had the gall to appear on TV trying to excuse themselves, with oily grins, that it was ‘the right thing to do’.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Lib Dems!)

Lord Ashcroft has completed some polling of Scottish constituencies and due to a security error on his website, some of the results have been leaked.

Here’s the polling for the constituency of Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch & Strathspey which is represented by Lib Dem MP Danny Alexander and who also happens to be the number 2 to George Osborne at the Treasury:Inverness-Nairn-Badenoch-Strathspey-1

It shows a massive swing from Lib Dem to SNP, with Alexander due to receive less than half the amount of votes of the SNP.

Bye bye Danny.


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One Response to “Osborne’s nr 2 Lib Dem Danny Alexander to lose his seat to SNP at next election”

  1. Chris Says:

    Great. Now all we need is for the Lib Dems to be the gone party in England as well.


    See under my petition, in my WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT section, at, why Labour would gain the terrified new pensioners coming from 2016 being left with NIL STATE PENSION FOR LIFE:

    The Greens have granted Labour a historic chance to get out of the hung parliament scenario looming in May.


    With betting odds now on the Tories having more MP seats than Labour, but about neck and neck. Neither having the 326 MPs to form a majority on their own.


    The Greens could not cost their Citizen Income policy, of a universal and automatic £72 per week, that would have solved starvation and freezing to death in your home.

    Labour has the money and thus can buy expertise, especially with the £1.5 million just received from the unions, to cost:

    – Replacing ALL WELFARE ADMIN, ending work programmes and shutting all 750 Jobcentres (now nicknamed Sanctions Centre denying claimants the basic right of use of a toilet, that is a right by law for all alleged criminals under police station interrogation).

    – With Citizen Income of £72 per week all adults, with a pro rata for each child paid to mother.

    – With Full Citizen State Pension at £278.10 for new and current claimants from May 2015 (basic state pension £113.10 and the mis-selling of opting out of SERPs / S2P from 6 April 1978), including all men and women aged between 60 and 66 in 2015.


    The National Insurance Fund is £30 billion in surplus from 2013, from the non pay out of state pension since 2013.

    The Tories say there is a £30 billion surplus from some saved interesting (?).

    The mature shopper tends to shop in the town centre, so the full state pension would generate youth jobs with a surge in high street businesses and so business rates to cash strapped councils.

    Pension Credit (savings) is abolished for new claimants in 2016 and Pension credit guarantee credit being lost to current and new pensioners with all the complex conditionality coming in 2016.


    Labour can cost the Citizen Income all the same at £72 per week and Full Citizen State Pension all the same at £278.10 per week and gain:

    – 15 million poor voters
    – 2.6 million pensioners only on state pension or with just a tiny works pensions, so far, far below the breadline
    – many marginals with higher claimant counts than the majority gained by the sitting MP. Could be even more if add tax credits to the working poor?

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