Leon Brittan: Why Lawson is wrong and there is a real case to answer

David Hencke here picks apart Dominic Lawson’s argument in the Sunday Telegraph that the accusations that Leon Britain was a paedophile are a ‘lefty plot’. Hencke shows that they are not. The accusations come from the police, survivors of the abuse, who corroborate each other’s stories, and members of the public. The demands for an inquiry have support across the House, and one of those accused of participating in the same orgies is a Labour MP.

Lawson’s defence of Brittan is, however, extremely partisan. He is a Tory, defending a former Tory minister, of whom he was a friend.

Westminster Confidential

Leon Brittan Leon Brittan

There has been anger  and disbelief among many of the late Leon Brittan’s friends that his name has become public in connection with the current Met police investigation into  historical child sex abuse dating back to the 1980s. In one sense it is understandable. Who would want to believe that the person they invite to dinner, meet in the House of Lords, have known for years, could be remotely considered a serial paedophile. So the reaction from Lord Deben ( better known as John Selwyn Gummer), Edward Garnier MP and David Cameron after his recent death is not unusual.

But the attack in the Sunday Times by Dominic Lawson, a former editor of the Sunday Telegraph, is a different matter. By taking the argument that those who say that he could be a paedophile – such as Tom Watson and Simon Danczuk  are part of a  frenzied Labour left-wing…

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