Desperate Tory press now raising spectre of Falklands war to win next election

The Express isn’t a Tory paper – it’s actually UKIP, as one of the commenters points out. Nevertheless, a build-up of military tension between Britain and Argentina is likely to be welcome to David Cameron. The Sun banged on for years about how Thatcher was somehow a new Boudicaa, and the media in general went on about the ‘Falklands Factor’ role in her electoral success. It’s true that on the wave of patriotism that came after Britain’s victory, a number of British voters were persuaded that Thatcher was the greatest prime minister since Winston Churchill, and anyone who said otherwise was not just insufficiently patriotic, but a traitor for the Soviets direct from Moscow. Just how ludicrous the super-patriotic acclamations of Maggie became can be seen in a story the Sun ran. Coming after various news stories about the British celebrity medium, Doris Stokes, the Sun published an article in which a medium claimed to have messages from the great and the good from beyond the grave, saying which political figures they liked. Boadicea voiced her approval of Maggie, and hailed the ‘warriors of Goose Green’. It was a prime example of how bonkers the Sun was, and a sad indication of the plunge in any kind of journalistic standards by Murdoch’s mighty organ.
For the Tories, or anyone on the Right, playing on the Falklands is a very dangerous game. The Argentinians invaded because Thatcher’s minister for defence, was cutting back. One of the cuts made was on the ships defending the Falklands. When they sailed away, General Gaultieri and his stormtroopers took their chance. And we only won the War because we had help from the Chileans and Americans, who were initially very reluctant to give it. Reagan actually phoned Maggie up to suggest that she might like to let the Argentinians have it.
And because the war was caused by Thatcher’s incompetence, it also left it’s legacy of bitterness. You can hear tells of Falklands vets up and down the country, who were left emotionally and mentally scarred by what they went through, as well as the physical injuries. Private Eye has in their office a satirical drawing of war memorial showing the names of the 200 British squaddies, who died in the war. Underneath them is the motto: They died to save her face.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK gutter press!)

The right-wing press in the UK are once again pulling out every stop in their efforts to help the Conservative Party win the next election.

And now they’ve even resorted to raising the spectre of another Falklands war – in a bid to do what the first Falklands war did for Margaret Thatcher in 1982.

Here’s today’s Sunday Express:

Falklands on HIGH ALERT: Hundreds of British troops sent to Islands to boost security

Needless to say the Express ‘story is exactly that – a fairy tale.

But as an example of how desperate the Tory press is becoming at the prospect of losing the election in May – it’s very interesting indeed.


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