Cartoon Comment on Maggie and the Falklands

Tom Pride blogged earlier about a story in the Express reporting that the Argentinians were rebuilding their forces once more to attack the Falklands. He saw it as a desperate attempt by the right-wing press to try and use whatever is remaining of ‘the Falklands factor’ to ensure the Tories win the next election. The Express is now a UKIP paper, Richard Desmond having come out in support of the party. Nevertheless, it looks like an attempt by the arch-Thatcherite right to do whatever it can to play once again on British patriotism in order to sell copies through war fever and keep Labour out.

I reblogged Tom’s article earlier this evening. I also found this cartoon from the Friday Mash, which seemed a suitable comment, especially on the way Thatcher’s almost been deified by the Tory faithful.


Peter Hitchens in his book, The Rage Against God, criticises the veneration of Winston Churchill as an attempt to found a secular cult to replace Christianity. He’s wrong. And the real idolatry is the Tory’s worship of Lady T.

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  2. Cartoon Comment on Maggie and the Falklands – Beastrabban’s Weblog | Vox Political Says:

    […] In response to Tom Pride’s earlier article on the Sunday Express stirring up Falklands jingoism, the Beast gives us this: […]

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