UKIP candidate dropped after comments on ‘the plague of interracial marriage’

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UKIP!)

The UKIP have been forced to drop yet another of their election candidates after he urged his supporters on social media to share and like a neo-nazi article on the ‘plague of interracial marriage‘.

Mark Walker still has (at the time of publishing this blogpost) the link to the offensive article – ‘The Genocide of the People of Europe‘ – on his Facebook page.

The article – which Walker urged his supporters to “share far and wide” – was originally shared by Greek neo-nazi group the Golden Dawn:

golden dawn UKIP

In his defence, Walker refused to apologise and blamed the press for exposing his far-right racist views.

Can’t UKIP find anybody even remotely normal to stand for them at elections?

Clearly not.


Please feel free to share. And comment.


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One Response to “UKIP candidate dropped after comments on ‘the plague of interracial marriage’”

  1. Mark_Walker_UKIP Says:

    My comments below are a direct copy from the site you [beastrabban] have re-blogged this nonsense from – They are just as factual for posting here on your blog.


    Have any of you taken the time to actually read my Facebook Page or even the content of the post??

    I do not condone the material of article, nor promote it as the way forward, nor the plan devised nearly 100years ago and clarly in operation. However Richard Coudenhove Kalergi existed, was real, created a real plan for Europe and was supported and funded by the Banking Industry. Just Google his name or: Coudenhove Kalergi plan

    This ‘Before Its News’ article is so peverted and twisted from even the original manufatured media story it is disgusting.

    Shame on you the site creator… News is about Facts of the matter in hand and your article contains none.

    The acronym of your paper’s name is also facutual and true and exactly where this type of internet trash belongs…. B.I.N

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